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Media Releases/Social Media Management

FROM ONLY: $74.99/month

Base price. Taxes may apply. All prices CAD.

Look as professional on the web as you do on the track. Media releases and the domination of social media have become a must for race teams and aspiring drivers alike. We offer complete management of team’s and driver’s media presence. Our staff has many years of experience in press release writing, and using social media to its full potential.

Press Release & Social Media Services Options

The importance of having a good online and social media presence cannot be understated in this immensely competitive and technological day and age. It is important that teams not only promote themselves and their sponsors properly, but that they provide sponsors and fans have a place where they can find them and keep up with their season. We offer competitive, affordable pricing for professionally produced press releases and social media writing. We even have packages available that will help teams gain maximum exposure for themselves, their drivers, and their sponsors.


Individual Press Releases:


BUY 1: $80*/each
BUY 10-19: $75*/each
BUY 20-29: $65*/each
BUY 30+: $55*/each

Taxes apply where applicable. All prices CAD.

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